I would often joke, in the early days of LunchFox, that I was creating this service for purely selfish reasons! Our eldest daughter was starting school, we had a newborn, two high pressured jobs and all of our family overseas. Life was busy and the thought of ordering a healthy school lunch at the push of a button was very appealing! I started to share the idea with others: friends, family, strangers … and I soon realised that actually, we were all in exactly the same boat. Regardless of job title, marital status, number of children or how far away we live from Grandma, we were all up against the same thing: a complete lack of time.

I’m Louise Fisher, the Founder of LunchFox. Along with a small team, I have created a lunchbox delivery service aimed at supporting busy families and small businesses. This is the story of how, and why, LunchFox could become an essential resource for families right now.

Even if we put COVID to one side (imagine if it was that easy!) we all lead incredibly busy lives. I look at the photo in the banner above and I’m pretty sure, from experience, that we join this family post tantrum! Mum has been forced to close her laptop, yelling “how am I supposed to get a single thing done …” and dad has come downstairs to see what chaos has just interrupted his meeting. Two parents, reading to their kids, and yet we all know their minds are elsewhere. They’re thinking about deadlines, To Do lists, exercise, school fundraisers, dress up days, let alone what they are going to have for dinner. 

Now, let’s put ‘parent guilt’ in the same box as COVID, shall we! We run out of time, energy and bread by about Wednesday, sending our kids to school with whatever food we can find at the back of the pantry. Failing that, we run to the bakers on the way to school and then spend the day feeling guilty about the severe lack of ‘rainbow’ in our children’s lunchbox.

We all experience this side of family life from time to time, regardless of individual circumstances. But what if there was a way of easing some of that? Even just a bit of it …

Realising that food delivery and convenience services were a major part of our lives, I found it interesting that nothing really existed for children. We surveyed families and talked the hind legs off anyone we met! The overwhelming reaction from everyone, across the board, was enthusiasm. People wanted to save themselves time and they wanted something healthy. That was our initial objective and now, two years on, it is our accomplishment! LunchFox allows busy parents to order healthy school lunches from local cafes, getting it delivered straight to school. We liaised with Nutrition Australia and created a ‘lunchbox builder’ that walks parents through five essential food groups. Every lunch is packed full of goodness and provides busy families with guilt-free convenience … and I’m pretty sure we could all do with some of that right now! 

Modern life is sapping our time and COVID is sapping our energy levels. As the Founder of LunchFox I feel certain than we can become a key and supportive resource in people’s lives. As a busy mum myself, maybe I am still in this for purely selfish reasons!

… because all we really need, is time, or at least a service that can help us to save some!

Find out how you can get LunchFox in your life by visiting www.lunchfox.com.au