It’s been a pleasure working with LunchFox. Professional and supportive. Great for school, parent, child and local business.

Rebecca, Cafe Owner

The missing link

Our much loved local cafes supply the local community with delicious food and beverages. We LOVE you guys, especially here in Australia. Except there’s one big, important part of the community that’s missing out! School kids! Why should schools turn to large external canteen providers when often their local cafes have the facilities to offer school lunches right there on their doorstep?


Enter LunchFox. The LunchFox app provides the infrastructure to easily enable cafes to take orders and handle payments from local schools and parents, to provide a healthy, lunchbox delivery service. A regular and reliable bulk order that can be prepared at off-peak times.

Tell me more..

Your menus

There are no set menus here. Each cafe is unique and will have their own ideas as to what they would like to offer. After all it is no doubt the cafe’s signature offerings that parents will be hoping to see! The only requirement from LunchFox is that the menus provide a healthy and balanced offering spanning the 5 food groups. The classic lunchbox fillers of chopped fruit and veg can also be a very simple addition to a cafe menu using ingredients that you’ll typically have in stock anyway.

One reliable, off-peak, bulk order

Unlike typical food delivery platforms where the orders are coming in piecemeal and often during peak service hours, LunchFox orders are reliable, can be prepared in bulk and during off-peak hours. Cafes can set their own preferred order cut off time and will arrange with the school for delivery times that work for both parties.

Low commissions

At LunchFox we want cafes to feel the full benefit of the extra income stream of this new market and as such we try to keep our commissions as low as possible, a fraction of typical food delivery platforms. Furthermore the commission that’s taken is shared with the school in recognition of the important role that they play distributing the lunchboxes after accepting the bulk delivery. We’re a team together in this arrangement and want to make sure all parties are happy.