Hello! I’m Louise, founder of LunchFox.

(or co-founder, if you ask my husband!)


Thanks for stopping by. Every click and visit puts a very real smile on our face! 

LunchFox was created with family in mind: a way of supporting busy families like yours, by a busy family like ours! 

With two jobs, two daughters and all of our family overseas, we know how busy family life can be. Providing a variety of fresh, healthy lunch options for our kids is a challenge. It’s as much about time commitments as it is about menu inspiration. We are traditionally a cheese-sandwich-five-times-a-week kind of family!

With a background in teaching and a husband in IT, we set about developing an app that could help busy families a) relieve some of those time pressures and b) provide healthy, kid-friendly food in a quick and easy way. We wanted to provide families with the same convenience offered by other food delivery services, minus all the corporate stuff! 

Not only does our app look fantastic, but it’s easy to use and focuses heavily on nutrition. We support local cafes, provide fundraising opportunities for schools and give parents peace of mind that their kids are eating fresh, healthy food.  

We’re pretty proud of that!

If you would like to know more, please drop us an email. We would love to hear from you.


Here’s to happy families and healthy tummies …

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