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What parents are asking…

Before parents can start using the app, their school must sign up, free of charge, to LunchFox. This is a necessary step for a number of reasons. Schools, along with their parent community, need to select which local cafes they want to link with. This gives parents and teachers control over what food is brough on site, with a key focus on health and nutrition. Schools also need to be on board in order to arrange storage and distribution of orders. 

If you’re keen to start using LunchFox, chat to your child’s school and give us a call. 

Schools will, or certainly should, always seek to ensure the food brought onsite by students is as healthy and nutritious as possible. As well as being beneficial to their students’ overall health and wellbeing, good food is conducive to good learning. Nutritious, child friendly food is at the heart of the LunchFox app and is one of our unwavering core values. Our lunchbox builder has been created in consultation with Nutrition Australia, meaning every lunch brought onsite is packed full of goodness.

Another key selling point for schools is the fundraising potential offered by LunchFox. Schools get 5% commission from every order, even during a trial period.

This process will be unique depending on your own school and should be something you discuss with cafes during the sign-up process. It is the café’s responsibility to bag up and label their orders and, generally, they will arrange for the lunches to be driven up to the school. It could also be that a parent rep collects and delivers the lunches.

In terms of delivery times, different schools will work on different timetables. Schools and cafes will liaise in order to agree on a time that works best for them; after the morning rush, but before morning tea! 

Orders can be placed up to two weeks in advance. As well as showing last weeks’ orders, the app allows you to view and place orders for “this week” and “next week”.

Generally, you will have until 8pm the night before to place an order, although this may change from café to café. If you find yourself in an “eek, I’m out of bread” situation at 7:30am in the morning, you would need to ring the café and see if they can process a last minute order.

When setting up your child’s profile, simply choose from the list of allergy icons available. These will then be linked to your child’s profile and highlighted against their name when placing an order with a café. 

Our lunchbox builder takes families through five food groups: cereals & grains, fruit, vegetables, dairy & alternative, meat & alternative.  Every order is fully customisable, allowing you to avoid certain food groups and order more from other categories if necessary.

Once orders have been paid for, you cannot edit them using the app. If you need to change or cancel an order, ring the café directly. 

If you require a refund, visit the Settings page on the app and choose ‘request a refund’. You can also contact us on

What schools are asking…

Absolutely. We know that introducing something like this can be a big decision, so we offer all schools the option of doing a four-week trial period. You will sign a ‘trial period agreement’ and will still receive your 5% commission payments. Some schools may even choose to do a trial with just one or two year groups, before rolling out to the entire school. Slow and steady really can win the race!

No. You can choose to use LunchFox as much or as little as you want. If you have a canteen two or three times a week, you may like to use LunchFox on the remaining days. You may even choose to sign up for one or two days to begin with, in order to find your feet before offering families a full week.

Parents are able to use the app as and when they need it, in line with the number of days you sign up for. When conducting our initial research, we found that around 10% of families surveyed would use a service like this every day, with everyone else using it on more of an ad hoc basis. Schools may choose to conduct their own survey in order to ascertain how many families would use the app, helping you plan the storage and distribution process.

No hot food is offered through the LunchFox app: only food that can be easily stored on school grounds will be available. We are essentially providing the same kind of ‘lunchbox food’ a child would usually bring to school. When signing up to LunchFox, cafes and food vendors will sign a contract stating this requirement. Our app is designed to offer fresh, healthy, child friendly food that is lunchbox appropriate. An example lunchbox may include a sandwich, rice crackers, sliced apple, carrot sticks and cheese cubes. Cafes will bag up the orders and provide cool packs, as a parent usually would when sending a lunchbox into school.

…nothing out of the ordinary. No hot food will be provided through the app and cafes will ensure cool packs are included if necessary. Orders can be stored on school grounds in the same way regular lunchboxes are. Depending on your layout, schools would either distribute orders to class straight away or keep in a room/hall for children to come and collect when needed.

Once a school signs up to the LunchFox app, they receive 5% commission from every order placed, even during a trial period. The more lunches ordered, the more funds that are raised for your school every month!

What cafes are asking…

Cafes keep 90% of their revenue when using the LunchFox app. With low overheads, we take just 5% commission from every order and give 5% back to the school to support their involvement.

This will depend on the size and number of schools you link with. Larger schools will most likely link with three or four local cafes, sharing the workload and providing choice for their families. Cafes have the freedom to link to as many schools and they feel able to manage: your kitchen size and number of staff will dictate this. Upon signing up to the LunchFox app, cafes are able to place a cap on the number of orders they are able to accept, should they wish.

When conducting our initial research, around 10% or families surveyed said they would use this service every day. Others would use it on more of a ad hoc basis. As an example, a large school of 700 students could potentially generate 70 orders a day. Split between a couple of cafes, you may be looking at 30 orders, sometimes more.

This will be decided upon by individual cafes, however, during our initial research we found that most families would pay around $10 per lunch.

Cafes take responsibility for bagging orders up, providing take away containers and cool packs as needed. Sustainability is a core value at LunchFox, so we ask that every effort is made to use eco friendly packaging. Individual order labels will be provided to stick onto the lunches, ensuring every order placed arrives at the right child, in the right school. 

Delivery arrangements may differ from school to school. Some services may have a parent rep collecting the orders and driving them to school. However, cafes will usually take responsibility for delivering the orders themselves. This is something that can be agreed upon during the initial sign-up process.

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