LunchFox Illustration FAQ - App for busy parents to order fresh, healthy lunchboxes from local cafes for delivery to school. Low commissions, school fundraising, eat the rainbow

LunchFox takes a very small commission from every lunch ordered and gives a percentage of that amount back to your child’s school. The more lunches ordered, the more funds that are raised for your school every month!

When setting up your child’s profile, simply choose from the list of allergy icons available. These will then be linked to your child’s profile and highlighted against their name when placing an order with a café. 

Our lunchbox builder takes families through five food groups: cereals & grains, fruit, vegetables, dairy & alternative, meat & alternative.  Every order is fully customisable, allowing you to avoid certain food groups and order more from other categories if necessary.

The café and school will agree who holds the responsibility for delivering orders to your child’s school. Your order will be taken to the office and distributed to rooms. When setting up your child’s profile you are required to record your school and class name, allowing each order to arrive on the right lap!

Each café will have their own delivery arrangements, but all orders will be delivered in time for lunch. For now, if your child requires morning tea and/or Brain Food mid-morning parents will need to provide this as usual.

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