Thanks for signing up to LunchFox! We're so excited to get started.

There’s a few i’s to dot and t’s to cross before you’re all set to go. Please use this checklist to help navigate our onboarding process.

Forms to be completed and sent to LunchFox (

A core value of LunchFox is to provide only healthy lunchboxes that are inline with Nutrition Australian healthy lunchbox guidelines. To help achieve this our cafe menus are organised into the 5 food groups.

Please follow the guidelines and populate the ‘Cafe Menu Spreadsheet’ with the menu items that your cafe intends to offer.

We require that LunchFox labels are used on each Lunchbox to clearly identify the recipient and their class. However it’s the cafe’s choice with regards to which of the following options suits their business the best:

Printable LunchFox Labels (A4 Sheets)

In line with our sustainable values we would prefer that the Eco Friendly Paper option is selected.

LunchFox Label Stamp

  • Stamp Artwork
  • The artwork is formatted for the Large Pre-Inked Stamp from Woodruff & Co – Available Here

Feel free to tell the whole world about your cafe’s lunchbox delivery service through LunchFox! Here’s our logo files in case you need them for any publicity materials you may be producing.

When you’re ready, as per the checklist, please supply the following to LunchFox via the following form. Can also be emailed directly to